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Rattle & Rolls Dinner, 23rd September 2003

Well, this is a special invitation for all of you who wanted to do something a little unusual this month. For September, we've organised an evening with Sir Simon Rattle & Co, followed by a dinner at the best restaurant I know in Berlin, and believe me, I've known quite a few.

So this event is going to be rather different than usual as we'll watch first a performance by Simon Rattle at the Philharmonie after which, we'll stroll back to Potsdamer Platz to Facil, a restaurant so exclusive they don't even bother to put a sign outside. In fact, they probably don't even want you to know where they are as they have enough business even without us. And we will be eating a late supper this time rather than dinner, but it'll be worth the wait. This place even bake their own rather delicious bread rolls, and the food is quite out of this world. 2 Michelin stars. Need I say more?

Well, that's the good news. The bad news is that places are extremely limited and also rather expensive. The tickets for the concert are 47 EUR each, and dinner is a minimum of 75 EUR each, excluding wine and drinks, so look to spend around 140-150 EUR for the whole evening. We don't expect a massive number of people rushing to join this event, so we've only allowed for 6 places at the moment, although we might squeeze another 1 or 2 persons in if they really must come. The event is scheduled for the evening of
Tuesday, 23 September and we'll meet somewhere around 19:00 before heading for the concert first, and then to the restaurant.

So you already know what to do. Send me an email to tout suite if you want to come, and please make
sure that you do come otherwise we'll have to hunt you down for the cost of the tickets. And if you are not a regular die-hard member of the club, we might even have to ask you to pay up-front for the Philharmonie ticket. Just be warned, that's all.