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Dinner Club Night at Amrit, 13 September 2002

This is a special gold medal event, in honour of one of our members who won a gold medal at the German Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships last Sunday. Yep. Really. No bullshit. Cool, eh? 

As such, we are doing this month's dinner at an Indian place that she really likes, the Amrit in Oranienburgerstrasse on Friday, 13th September. For those who are superstitious, I am bringing along a bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce to ward off those evil spirits. All nervous people have to do is just sip a teaspoon of the stuff and you will immediately forget all your superstitions. Trust me on this. For those that are really superstitious, I will also bring along a bottle of Blair's MegaDeath, which is 3 times the strength of Insanity Sauce. And if anyone asks very nicely, then as a special favour, I might also bring along a little bottle of Vicious Viper, which is twice the power of MegaDeath. But you have to be very, very superstitious (and probably very insane) to try this. 

So all those people who like a good curry (and watching Christine Conlow do a victory lap around the restaurant in her swimwear) should send me an email "fai tit" (that means, "really quickly" in Cantonese) to or If you don't believe me, try telling someone in a Chinese restaurant that you need to go to the loo "fai tit". 

Just note that we're not planning to have a big crowd for this dinner, around 12 people or so, and those that make the list in time will get a further email detailing where and when we will meet to have those cocktails before the dinner. :o)