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Dinner Club Night at Tu Candela, 23 October 2002 

Salsa isn't just a dip for nachos. Allegedly, it is also a kind of dance, a subject which I know less than nothing about, having been blessed with 2 left webbed feet. But don't let me influence you about this, because October's dinner is going to be at the Tu Candela, Grolmanstrasse 39, near the Ku'damm on the Wednesday, 23rd October. The program for this dinner is simple: (a) you get to have some South American cuisine, and then afterwards, (b) you get free dancing lessons in salsa and merengue (and this is not a French cake). Now I must admit I don't know much about South American food, but from the menu, it looks pretty much like Mexican to me, so vegetarians should be OK as well. And we have to do this on Wednesday evening because that's the night when the lessons are free!

That's the good news. The bad news is that I cannot attend this dinner (as I have to be back in the UK), so you will have to elect another host for the evening. Nevertheless, I will organise everything for the night so anyone who wants to come along should just send me an email asap to the usual addresses: or

The place is quite roomy so around 12 persons or more would not be a problem. Afterwards, there are lots of cocktail bars around the area if you need a drink to calm down after all that Latino dancing. So email me now and all those who make the list will get an email confirming the location and meeting stuff, as usual.