Filetstück on Sat 24 March 2012

Some of you may know me as someone who likes vegetarians, especially eating them. But you know when someone is really serious about being a carnivore when they give their cows nice human names like Donald Russell and can still butcher them for meat. I mean, how can someone give a proper name to an animal and still eat it? I used to have a pet chicken we called Queenie and having a name automatically precluded her from become chicken curry at the dinner table.

Anyway, I digress, for the point is that this place, Filetstück, seems to be serious, very serious, about meat. I guess they must be, else they would be calling themselves something like Gurkestück or maybe Kartoffelstück. But, no, they seem intent on serving good meat dishes, properly grilled or pan-fried or seared and the thought of all that yummy meat is already making me salivate and I don't salivate easily - you have to trust me on this. I used to salivate quite easily though but not any more since, well, that's another story. I guess I am digressing again.

So if you are a proper foodie and love seriously good quality meat, then you are in for a treat on Sat 24 March for we will be having our dinner club evening at Filetstück, Uhlandstrasse 156, 10719 Berlin. The reviews are consistently good and many claim this place is even better than the much more pricey Grill Royal which I had visited myself and deemed inappropriate for a dinner club night there for various reasons, mainly because of their unwarranted snobbery. But we have no fear of this happening here - the menu is small but well selected, you will be in good hands and if you are still not sure, you can see what you will be getting on their website on

Closing date for people wanting to come along is Mon 19 March and please send your emails directly to Sylvia on to grab your place for this cool evening. Remember - don't reply to me - please email Sylvia directly!


Chris on behalf of Sylvia

PS. If anyone is interested about my exertions in Kuala Lumpur, have a look at and please feel free to comment and pass the link around.

How it went on the night...

It turns out that it's actually not an exaggeration to claim that Filetstueck is the best steak restaurant in town. We had some excellent meat which was perfectly cooked and everybody enjoyed themselves very much - also our steak expert Karin said the steaks are very close to some of America's best steak restaurants that she has sampled in the past. The only (slight) downside is the price. But what can you do about it? The premium price is really quite justified for the quality of food served but in context, it is still not as expensive as, say, the Grill Royale. An alternative to dining at this fine restaurant is to kill your own prime beef cow, hang the meat for 4 weeks or so and then cook it at home but then my fear is that I might not be able to cook it as well as they did. I would also be slightly worried about my apartment. Also I won't get their delicious little amuse bouche for I wouldn´t know how to do it properly - a little piece of filet topped with duck liver foam. It looks simple but involves for sure a lot more skill than an amateur cook like me.


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