Brunch Social Experiment at Robbengatter, SUNDAY 27 March 2011

You know, I have always found it not a little unfair that ladies have to pay as much as men for eating out, especially at buffets like brunch. I mean, most men (and I don't want to mention Patrick) can polish off 8 plates of food, pause, and head back for another 6 plates of sweets while I have noticed many women struggling with their first plate of salad and a small croissant (with no butter). So, in effect, the ladies are subsidising the men! How outrageous is that?

Anyway, it turns out that I am not the only one who has noticed this anomaly and Robbengatter at Grunewaldstraße 55, 10825 Berlin-Schöneberg, has actually done something about it. So we will head there and see if this profound social experiment works. The event this month therefore is a brunch on Sunday 27 March and ladies pay 6,50 Euro and men pay 8,50 Euro. It may not be a huge difference but it may be such radicalism in pricing needs to be phased in gradually for society to adjust to it gently without causing strikes and riots all over Berlin. If I had my way (and no offence intended to Steven), men should pay 37,50 Euro and ladies should pay 2,50 Euro. But that's just me.

Oh, as we cannot be sure of the weather, we will be seated inside and therefore places for this experiment are very (very) limited. So if you want to risk being at the forefront of a minor social revolution, please kindly let me know by this Friday 18 March latest. And if we get too many bookings, the electronic hat will have to be used again, I'm afraid.

The date, once again, is SUNDAY 27 March 2011, and the website is

So, we are now at the vanguard of a dining social revolution as well! :o)

See you all soon!


How it went on the day...

The pictures below don't say everything, but this is really one of the better brunch places in Berlin and amazingly well-priced as well! The atmosphere was convivial and although we were forced to spread out over 2 tables, everything worked out very well. This is a lovely place to have a good Sunday brunch and one should note it down in your notebook for friends and visitors to Berlin. There may not be a crazy variety of dishes like some places but what was available was really pretty good quality stuff and very tasty.

As for the social experiment, well, the verdict is out. A few ladies ate more than me, but some didn't. So should ladies qualify for a 23.53% discount over the men? That is indeed the question... :o)

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