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Geometric dining on 28th March 2003

Did you know the following? The universe is 13.7 billion years old, give or take 200 million years, the interval between the Big Bang and the formation of the first stars is 200 million years, only 4% of the universe is ordinary matter, 23% is dark matter (whatever this is) and 73% is dark energy (whatever that is). Oh, and the rate of expansion of the universe is actually increasing due to the dark energy. Just some topics to chat about during our next dinner! :o)

Anyway. For March, the plan is to go to an interesting restaurant named after a geometric shape. It's chic, it's a brand new place (so don't mess up the lovely new red leather furniture please), the cuisine there sounds very innovative and it's right by where I live so I can take everyone afterwards to some of the coolest cocktail bars and clubs in Berlin. Or maybe watch an OV movie afterwards and THEN hit the bars and clubs. I'm easy that way. And since we're on the subject of geometry and maths, anyone who can understand and explain the solution to Fermat's Last Theorem, please put their hands up now and admit they're lying. And if you also know how qubits work, then you're fibbing as well.

Anyway. This place claims to do a style of fusion cooking based around European/continental cuisine. Now I've nothing against traditional cooking and stuff but these new styles of cooking can really be very interesting. Maybe not as interesting as what happened before our last dinner, but, well, interesting enough. By the way, I think everyone who was there at the February dinner would say that the Asian fusion food was really pretty good, and extremely reasonably priced. Even the spectacle of seeing someone chew on a slice of tomato smothered in Dave's Insanity Sauce did not seem to put anyone off their food, which just goes to show how tough our stomachs have become over the last year or so with the Dinner Club.

Anyway. The place is called Oktogon (although it's not really in the shape of an octagon), and it's in Leipziger Platz, right next to Potsdamer Platz U-Bahn. It's only been open since November last year so they're not used to people like us yet, which is always a good thing. The dinner is planned for the evening of Friday, 28th March. The prices there are reasonable, but not ridiculously cheap, but I think one can escape with about 25-30 EUR for dinner and drink. So, if you want to come (and are not likely to cancel at the last minute), then you know what to do. Send an email tout suite to and all those that make the list will get more details later as to where to rendezvous before dinner, as usual. We're not looking for a large crowd so the faster you get your emails in, the better your chances are for a place at the dinner.


PS. This email is going out extra early because of the complaints from people who needs at least 3 weeks to organise their lives. OK?