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Dinner Club Night at Zwölf Apostel, 22 March 2002

Well, we all had some pretty nice healthy Californian food last week (eventually) (but still, many thanks for Kerry-Ann's recommendation), so let's retaliate and stuff our faces with good ol' pizza and pasta next month. Members of the Dinner Club have overwhelmingly voted to go for the Zwölf Apostel (near Friedrichstrasse U-Bahn) in Georgenstrasse 2 (S-Bahn-Bögen), 10117 Berlin, for some lovely thin-crust pizza and pasta. Yum. 

For those interested in politics, the voting went as follows: 

For (3) 
Against (0) 
Spoiled Votes (325) 
Don't Care (0) 
Never Mind (1) 
I Was Never Asked (38) 
What Was The Question Again? (26) 

OK. Enough politics. The date for the dinner is the 22nd March, and as usual, the time and place for meeting beforehand is to be announced later once the list is finalised. The place is massive, so up to 20 people can come this time, so crack those knuckles, plug in the keyboard (why did you unplug it in the first place?), and type out an email to if you want a place on the March dinner list. 

To be honest, this place does some of the best pizzas in Berlin, so it should be a good night out. Deponie's is also just next door and maybe a few of us can mosey over there for some lazy jazz afterwards if it's playing. 


PS. For April's dinner, we are thinking of doing something Spanish, unless someone has a better idea.