An Expository Berlin Glass Dinner on Friday, 21 June 2013

This month's dinner was looking to be quite hard to organise but at the last moment a spectacularly worthy venue presented itself, as usual. And this is also a test of your resolve for checking out eclectic dining spots in Berlin as the dinner will be held this very Friday so you really don't have much time to waste if you wish to join us.

So here are the facts: June's dinner location does Berlin food - but not Berlin food as you would know it. The cook, Gal Ben Moshe, is very accomplished, having cooked at Orky in Israel, Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, Maze by Gordon Ramsey, Hibiscus in London as well as Restaurant Alinea von Grant Achatz in Chicago. Now he is in Berlin, doing his own rather unique interpretation of Berlin food and I think we really must sample his culinary reflections on the German capital city as soon as possible.

One should note that the menu changes daily, to reflect the freshest ingredients of the day - and there are 2 menus, which are 45 Euros for 6 courses or 59 Euros for 9 courses, so obviously, the 9-course menu would be the better choice. Ben has cooked in the best Michelin-starred London restaurants so the prices actually reflect rather fantastic value.

The restaurant is called Glass, Uhlandstraße 195, 10623 Berlin, and it has been open all of one week, so we will be amongst the first people to taste his fanciful notion of Berlin dining. We will also be amongst the first to enjoy the special designs of Mexico City-based architect Christoph Zeller and Ingrid Moye who created the minimalist interior of the restaurant. All in all, this promises to be an exciting and unusual event, so I am wondering why you are still reading this and not sending in your bookings to Sylvia immediately.

The dinner, as mentioned, is on the evening of this Friday, 21 June 2013, and the website is - please do send in your email bookings latest by Thursday noon and be one of the first people in the world to enjoy and delight in Ben's brand new culinary fusion impressions of Berlin.

See you soon!

Chris (on behalf of Sylvia)

How it went on the night...

We had a truly fantastic evening at this brand new restaurant. The cooking and the service was really extraordinary and we were really served like VIP guests (which, of course, we were anyway). :o) We ordered the 6 course menu and at the end we got 10 dishes as the cook was very interested in our comments and he wanted to show us all the skills he has learnt from the Michelin star restaurants he had worked for. For 15 Euros we had complementary wines for each course. Some have been rather unusual such as the Tokaier which worked very well with the Berlin summer salad done with pumpernickel and lots of other secret ingredients - it tasted a bit like earth and sweet at the same moment, but in a delicious way. All dishes have been outstanding (eg. the ox tail, a real explosion in the mouth, the topinambur with hazel nut and truffles, the mango/papaya, coconat sesame dessert), perfectly cooked and presented.

I feel very sorry for those who have missed this really sensational menu and I really suggest that everyone should go to Glass immediately to experience the culinary genius of Ben.

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