Spring in Winterfeld Brunch, SUNDAY 27 June 2010

It has been excruciating watching some of the football games, with some terrible games and some highlights, especially when North Korea scored against Brazil. The North Korean "supporters" didn't know what was happening as most of them are actually from rural China and have never see a football match before. Never mind.

Whatever your feelings are regarding the World Cup, I am also sure that most people wouldn't want to risk being away on a weekend evening, just in case Germany improves or England can actually win a match. So rather than a dinner for June, I think the next best option is a nice Sunday brunch at a place that boasts a 7 metre long Italian buffet table. Not only is the food generous and pretty good, it is also ridiculously cheap at less than 10 Euro for the brunch, excluding drinks. And there is an option for dining from the menu if, for whatever reason, you think the unlimited brunch is not enough for you.

The date for this month's event therefore is a serious brunch on SUNDAY, 27 June. The place is called Winterfeld, in Schoneberg, at Winterfeldtstr. 58, D-10781 Berlin. The nearest U-Bahn is Nollendorfplatz so it's really easy to get to. More details on the restaurant is on their website http://www.winterfeld-berlin.de/

We cannot judge the appetite of people on the day, which I guess would depend on the game of the night before, so we have not booked a big table. As usual, if you want to come along, please drop me an email by Weds 23 June latest and all those who make it will be informed with full details by the next day. We are planning to sit outside if the weather is nice but contingency plans have been made for inside seating if it rains. It seems that we always have to plan for inclement weather these days. Oh well.

See you soon!



How it went on the day...

It was truly a beautiful day for a brunch date. The restaurant is competing with lots of legendary breakfast locations nearby and they still have the potential to improve. The selection of the breakfast items are more or less average such as in quantity as also in quality. Outstanding were the eggs that a cook prepared they way you wanted it. The dessert selection was diverse and delicious, including various types of tiramisu, panna cotta, mousse and a strawberry curd cheese and fruit salad. The two different types of mousse turned out though to be pudding. As for the warm dishes you had some fish, chicken and tortellini in gorgonzola sauce. I think it was enough choice for everybody to not go home hungry. As for the interior, the place looks quite stylish and maybe it is also worth a try in the evening as they have a promising menu.

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