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Dinner Club Night at Brazil, June 21 2002

June's dinner theme is American history, in particular, the cattle drive, which are long treks through vast areas of land, done by lonely taciturn men, alone with thousands of heads of cattle for months at a time. It was a tough, solitary time where men were men and pretty young cows were afraid. It's a hard job done by hard people who did not care about greenhouse gases and ozone layer destruction as they chomped their way through tonnes of broad beans cooked in beef fat each cattle drive. Well, someone said that no more real cowboys exist in the USA and the only ones left are in South America, so we have found a Brazilian restaurant which serves meat still delivered by the gauchos (or cowboys) to the ports. Allegedly. 

At this point in time, it should be noted that vegetarians are an endangered species in Brazil, especially those that don't eat meat or fish (which are the usual kind of vegetarians I know). That's because Brazilians believe in the prevention of cruelty to vegetables, which is sort of noble because nobody hardly ever fights for vegetable rights. Anyway, to prove this point, the restaurant has a website where you can peruse the menu, to reassure yourself that you will not be inflicting any pain on anything green, grows from the ground, has no feet and cannot run away when people (vegetarians) bring a big knife: 

So June's dinner is to be held at Brazil, Gormannstrasse 22, 10119 Berlin on Friday, 21st June. The place is quite roomy, so we can accomodate around 18 people this time. Nearest U-Bahns are Weinmeisterstrasse or Rosenthaler Platz (near Le Monde du Vin), and it's not a long walk from Hackescher Markt S-Bahn either. So, for those that support the prevention of cruelty to vegetables, please send an email to as soon as possible for a place on the dinner list. Else we will all know that you are an uncaring, unfeeling person who hacks away at innocent plants who cannot even run away. And as usual, everyone on the list gets a follow-up email detailing where we will meet beforehand and a map. 


PS. The place is quite near Hackescher Markt, Oranienburgerstrasse and Alexanderplatz so if anyone has any suggestions for what to do after dinner, just let me know. I'm game for anything. Ask my boss.