EDD's Thai Royalty Dinner, Friday 27 July 2012

You know, it is not often that we get a chance to dine on a meal prepared specially for royalty - and well, we won't do it this month either. But we will be doing something very close to dining with royalty because for this month, we will be having dinner at the same restaurant where the Royal Princess of Thailand insists on eating every time she is in Berlin. And when she is here, allegedly she loves to order Tom Yam Gung, Crispy Rice Cakes, Banana Leaf Salad and Duck with Green Curry at this restaurant where we will be having our July dinner. So that is about as close as what we can do for an exotic royal dinner.

The restaurant is oddly called EDD's Thai Restaurant and it is situated in Lützowstr. 81, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten, not far from Kurfurstenstrasse U-Bahn. The cook is Mr EDD himself (someone tell me one day what his initials mean please) and he has won many awards for his cooking, which he learnt from his grandmother as a young boy. And since the restaurant has been going since 1984, I guess his grandmother must have taught him pretty well, unlike my grandmother who only showed me how to brew illegal rice spirits - for medicinal purposes only, of course. Anyway, for those wanting to check it out, the website is http://www.edds-thairestaurant.de

I have to admit that this won't be the cheapest Thai restaurant in Berlin but the high probability is that it may be the best, so I think 40-50 EUR is about what one would need to do justice for a good dinner here. After all, the cook's grandmother was one of the cooks in the Thai Royal Palace, though that won't explain why he names himself after a talking horse - but I fear I may be digressing again.

Anyway, the important things to note are (i) the dinner is on Friday, 27 July and (ii) the restaurant does not accept credit cards so please do stuff some extra notes in your wallet or purse before you come along. Places are limited for such a special venue so please kindly send in your bookings now and definitely by Sunday 22 July if you wish to dine like Thai royalty and we will confirm by early next week. Apologies for the short-ish notice but things have been a little hectic (as usual).

See you all soon!

Chris (on behalf of Sylvia)

PS. Somewhere in this blog, www.makanakam.com, is a post about a recent visit to Bangkok and the Royal Palace there.

How it went on the night...

Well, this is certainly one restaurant which you won't stumble upon accidentally as it is not obviously accessible but you definitely won't regret finding it. The food is simply excellent, even if some of the staff are somewhat oddly dressed. It is also not the cheapest Thai restaurant in Berlin but it is worth every Euro cent - I think the apt German phrase would be "man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts". The only minor complaint is that some dishes, like my red sea bass with Thai vegetables, are not as authentically spicy as they would be in Thailand, presumably after previous encounters with the tame German palate. I also tried Edd's duck with green curry and picked off bits from another person's duck dish and I have to admit that they were wonderful!

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