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Dinner Club Night at Tuan's Hutte, 24 July 2002

It's time for July's dinner and for this one, I'm trying to consider the tastes of the few vegetarians out there who had expressed some polite displeasure (and also for those that shouted at me) about our recent animal protein-based excursions. 

Anyway, I racked my (very) few brain cells and cannot think of a suitable place where they do vegetarian *and* good food, so I have to resort to an old favourite, which is Tuan's Hutte at Dircksenstrasse 40, near Alexanderplatz. This is where Kerry-Ann had her first (and only) dose of vegetarian sushi and allegedly love every molecule of it. It was also where Dave's Insanity Sauce made its debut in Berlin, and some digestive systems have never been the same since then. I had originally thought of the Amrit but from experience, I think Indian food and summer nights don't really go that well together, so I'm saving that for autumn or winter. 

So it's back to Tuan's Hutte again on the Wednesday evening of the 24th July. And I can hear you asking, Why on a bloody Wednesday? Er, good question. It's simply because I don't want the dinner to clash with any other Connect event and also because I am taking a flight back to London that Friday morning. And every other date is not convenient for some person or other. 

But. There's a big BUT involved. It is a very small restaurant and I mean, *small*, pronounced with a capital "F". It really cannot fit more than 8-9 persons on the biggest table. So we really have to observe the first-come, first-served rules rigidly for this event. As usual, we'll meet first for some drinks at a local bar nearby and info on where we meet beforehand will be sent to the persons on the list. Oh, and the place is very near Hackescher Markt so all those able to walk after dinner may also elect to come along to the Sophien Club afterwards and jig the night away, or at least have a few schnapps. 

Anyway, you know the ropes by now. All those who want to go, send me an email at tout suite (that means, schnell). All those who don't want to go can sit at home and suck eggs or watch TV, or even both.