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Sax and All That Jazz on 31st Jan 2003

Well, it's the first Dinner Club event for 2003 and I think we should pick a place that matches the cool weather. And what's cooler than dinner in a stylish club accompanied by live jazz music afterwards played by Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble. Mr Atzmon is an accomplished saxaphonist and clarinettist and everyone who hates brass (especially jazz brass) should strenuously avoid this event. But then, who would dare to be so un-cool as to admit this, eh?

There is an entrance cover charge of 13 EUR, but we will try to do the following on the night:

1. get a reduced rate for the entrance charge
2. get some tables right next to the stage
3. organise some vegetarian food if any vegetarians want to come along
4. have a really cool time.

Oh, I should mention that the dinner food prices are really very reasonable, considering the decor, the location and the entertainment provided, so if one really wanted to, then a good night can be had for less than 30-35 EUR, including the cover charge.

The place is still relatively undiscovered but not for long as you will find out when you get there. It really is the nicest jazz dinner club in Berlin, in a really unusual location at the ground floor of a modern designer furniture store. Address is Soul Trane, Kantstraße 17, Ecke Uhlandstraße, im stilwerk D-10623 Berlin. The date is Friday, 31st January and that will be Mr Atzmon's one and only performance in Berlin.

Good dining tables near the stage are limited and therefore, numbers are quite restricted again, around 10 persons or so, for this event. So, as usual, if you really want to come, you should send an email real, real quick to and let me know who's coming. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Those lucky enough to get on the list will get a further confirmation email with a map and details of where we will meet beforehand. Dinner starts at 20:30 for this event, so if you're the typical early dinner type, let me know and I'll bring a packet of nuts for you. :o)