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Singaporean/Asian Fusion on 27th Feb 2003

Well, Whenever I think of the word "fusion", I tend to think of a fusion bomb
which is a cheap and simple nuclear weapon that releases atomic energy by
union of light (hydrogen) nuclei at high temperatures to form helium. At
least, that's what my Iraqi and North Korean friends tell me.

So I've no idea what Asian fusion food is all about, but for all those
die-hard diners in the club who want to find out, there's a place that does
a fusion Asian kitchen, whatever that means. It's a new Singaporean place
called Mirchi and is just opposite Tacheles in Oranienburgerstrasse. There
is a good vegetarian "fusion" selection there as well for those who don't
like animal protein. Food there is not expensive at all, despite the
thermonuclear implications and a starter and main dish together is no more
than 15-18 EUR or so per person. I also doubt that "fusion" food will be
very spicy, so for all you fans of fantastically hot chilli sauces, I will
bring out again my bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce for this occassion.
Anyone who can finish this bottle of sauce, I will personally pay for their
dinner, but not their hospital fees or their drinks. And definitely not for
their new trousers or toilet repair bills. You have been warned - it's an
offer for which I don't expect many takers, is all I will say. Oh, and the
dinner is set for the evening of the Thursday, 27th February, because I have
to be at the Tracy Chapman concert on Friday night. Sorry if this is a
little inconvenient.

So, as usual, any and all of you who want to try this interesting new style
of Asian/Singaporean fusion cooking in a couple of weeks' time should send
an email asap to to book your place on the list.
Note the new email address, please, and the first dozen or so persons to
contact me will get a follow-up email letting you know where and when we
will meet beforehand. The place is quite big but I don't really want a huge
crowd so about 10-12 people will be the limit.

And after dinner, well, there's Takheles across the road (yuk), a jazz club
around the corner (hmm), a couple of discos in Hackesher Markt (well, ok),
lots of cool bars in Oranienburgerstrasse (cool), and, er, a table dancing
place which I have never visited before but apparently caters for both men
and  women, whatever that means (um). I have absolutely no idea as I do not
frequent these sort of places but it's just a suggestion. From someone.