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Dinner Club Night at Nola, 22 February 2002

Well, we've been trying out a few Asian spots in Berlin and now I think it's about time for something completely different. Kerry-Ann Adamson (I only mention her name so that you can blame her if this goes wrong) has kindly suggested that we should next try Nola, Dortmunder Str. 9, 10555 Berlin, a pretty cool spot for Californian cuisine. As many people have no idea what Californian food is about (including myself), I think it is worth a visit there on Friday, 22 Feb. Kerry-Ann has suggested that the cost may be a teensy-weensy bit higher than for the Oriental food that we've been trying, so it might be an idea to bring along a few extra Euros, just in case. 

Anyway, the good news is that the restaurant is quite big, so we can probably get 15 or more people in the group this time. So anyone interested should just send me an email at and the first 15 or so will be included for the dinner night list. Final details on the meeting time and drinking spot where we congregate beforehand will be issued to all the persons on the list (including a map). Simple. 

Kerry-Ann is already on the list, so she must be quietly confident of her choice, else we know where she lives.