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Connect Christmas Party Invitation, Friday 6th December 2002

What do male turkeys and Connect members have in common around Christmas? They both like a bit of turkey breast!

And on that intellectual note, we would like to launch our extra special invitation to the Connect Christmas Party. Everyone is welcome, especially friends and family of Connect members. Bring one, bring all. It's a rare special event where you can do the following:

1. Drink all the beer and wine you want for free. If you're the non-alcoholic type (hmm), then drink all the soft drinks you want for free

2. Eat all you want from a large buffet for free. And the buffet is really pretty good, and caters for vegetarians as well

3. Do all the silly stuff you've always wanted to do all year to other Connect members

4. Have a live band play music for you

5. Dance away all night (and morning) at the discotheque

We want a large happy crowd, and we want to make you an invitation you just cannot refuse. We could charge 30 EUR per person and it'll still be too cheap. We could charge 25 EUR per person and we'll definitely have to beat people off with a shitty stick. But, just for you ladies and gents of Connect, we will only charge 20 EUR per person for entry. That's right. TWENTY EUR per person for free food, free drinks, free live music, dancing, whatever, all night! AND just to make sure you do not come alone, if you buy a pair of tickets, then the price is reduced to just 35 EUR for each double entrance. But this applies only for double tickets only. So if you want 3 tickets, then it is 55 EUR (1 x 20 EUR for a single and 35 EUR for the double). This makes sure that you don't ever want to come alone. :o) This is an amazing deal that will probably never happen again. And before you think there's a catch - there isn't. Eat all the good food and drink all the beer and wine you want. As much as you can handle. No limits. No extras to pay. And that's a guarantee.

But. There's a but. The 20 EUR per person (or 35 EUR per double) price applies only to the first 100 invitees who have paid before December. For those folks after the first 100 or for those who turn up for the party on the night without a place on the list, then the price is 25 EUR each at the door. So it makes serious sense to buy and pay for your places NOW, before the end of November. OK? We need to do this because it's a lot of effort to organise for more than 100 people, especially at very short notice.

So where is this bash then? It's the same place where the Spice Girls stayed when they came to Berlin. Yep. Really. The address is the Nexus Bar at the East-Side Hotel in Muehlenstrasse 6, 10243 Berlin, just across the road from the East Side Gallery, the longest open air art gallery in the world (hotel owner's words, not mine). Nearest U-Bahns are Warschauer Strasse (S-Bahn as well) and Schlesisches Tor. If you're curious or don't believe that the Spice Girls stayed there, the hotel's website is

We have the whole place booked for the Connect Christmas Party on Friday, 6th December from 20:00 onwards till whenever. Like I said, bring all your friends, workmates and family along. Show them the people at Connect that you've been talking about. Make them believe. We want a cool, friendly crowd and at the current entrance price, I think the main problem will be the limit of 100 persons. So charge down to the next Connect meeting, clutching your 20 EUR per person (or 35 EUR per pair) and get you and your guests' names down on the invitees list before it's too late. You have been warned... :o)

Oh, and you can help make the party even more fun! Bring a favourite dance CD along. Or some of your special home-cooked food (finger food or desserts). How about some party poppers? Or some bottles of spirits (co-ordinate this with Kerry-Ann Adamson) to make a serious punch. Whatever. Get the drift? We've done our bit to make it an amazingly affordable fun night out for everyone, so it's your turn to make it happen! :o)