Spicy Latin Dinner, Friday 26th August 2005

Well, I can't say the weather has been too hot this summer, so I am suggesting that we warm it up ourselves with some spicy Mexican food. The venue this time is the new Cancun in Potsdamer Platz, which is part of the same restaurant group that won the Gastro Award in 2003 for the best Latin American cuisine in Berlin. One has to wonder why it did not win it again last year and since I don't know who won it last year, well, I suggest that we give the Cancun a try and see if it can win it back again this year!

The place is not at all expensive, and we have asked for outside seats if the weather is nice. If not, well, the place is very big so it shouldn't be a problem to huddle back inside if it rains again (though I hope it doesn't)! If you want to check out the location and menu, the website is http://www.cancun-restaurant.de/ They do pretty good cheap cocktails there as well, so I think we should just meet there from 19:00 onwards on Friday, 26 Aug, and drink and natter there until dinner at 20:00. The address is Leipziger Platz 17 / Ebertstraße 14, 10117 Berlin and is really close the to Potsdamer Platz S and U-Bahns and buses.

Despite the close proximity of the restaurant to where I live, regrettably, I will not be able to attend as I personally will be over 2000 kms away in Bulgaria, where the food is really pretty horrible by comparison to even lousy imbisses in Berlin. I am considering bringing my own tins of food there. Really. So while you folks are enjoying a nice Mexican, just think about me opening another tin of sardines or something.

Anyway, as I will not be attending, Ulrike Zeh has kindly undertaken the task of hosting and organising this dinner for everyone. It's not an easy job, so please be gentle with her and if you are interested in coming to the dinner, please send Ulrike an email toute suite. I repeat, do not send me any emails about this dinner, but send them instead this month to ullimouse@gmx.de. Thanks.

Well, have fun for the dinner and I'll catch everyone again for September where we might be going to a place near a church you don't expect... :o)


How it went on the night

Well, I think the less said, the better. But various people now do not think this place will ever recover its Gastro Award again! Photos were also deemed inappropriate for this dinner event. Sorry! It's the first really duff one we've had in over 3 years. But we'll make up for it next month!