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Not Bull's Prize dinner, 22nd August 2003

After watching an exciting bullfight in Spain, a man goes down to the restaurant at the bullring and orders dinner. During dinner, he notices that the person on the next table has a wonderful looking dish with two large round meatballs served in a heavenly smelling sauce. He asks the waiter what the neighbours' dish was and the waiter explains that it was the "prize" of the bull and only one special guest can have it each evening after the bullfight. So the man was really curious and asks if he could order this special "prize" dish for the next evening. The waiter then checks with the restaurant owner and comes back and says, yes, but only if the man leaves a 200 EUR deposit. The man says this is no problem and hands over the money for the deposit. The next evening, the man sits at the restaurant again, eagerly awaiting his dinner. But when it arrives, it is 2 tiny meatballs covered with an awful-smelling sauce. "What's the meaning of this?", he asks. "Yesterday my neighbour had a wonderful large dinner and now all I get are these two tiny balls?" Upon which, the waiter says apologetically, "Ah, senor. I'm very sorry but sometimes, the bull, he wins!"

And this leads to August's dinner, which, as you might guess, has an Spanish theme. Tapas, to be exact, and we are planning to check out a place called Bar-Celona (very witty, huh?) in Hannoversche Str. 2 in Mitte. If we're lucky, we should get to eat sitting outside as well. The date for the dinner is set for Friday, 22 August, and all those who want to come along should send me an email tout suite to chris@berlindinnerclub,com. And everyone who gets on the list will get a confirmation email letting them know where and when we will meet for drinks beforehand. Simple. I don't expect too many people as lots of folks are away anyway so I guess I'm only looking for 8-10 people this time. And as far as I know, you don't get bull's testicles served as tapas, but then that's only as far as I know. Maybe we can find out, eh? :o)

Afterwards, we might check out a bar or two in Oranienburger Str, but only if we can walk.