A Really Raw, Really Secret Dinner, Friday 19 April 2013

For this month, we are going underground - I don't mean like under the ground but, you know, I mean, Underground - as in hidden, secret, not widely known, furtive. And this time, while we are underground at some secret address, we will also be having a really raw but really healthy dinner - for the cook is a dude called Boris Lauser who goes around the world teaching raw cooking to people who like to eat really healthily.

I don't think I need to say more as it sounds eclectic and curious enough to tempt even the most jaded diners. To make it even more intriguing, we will be having a special dinner menu, made from only the freshest ingredients of the day, so the courses are unknown until we turn up. There is also a wine option, but it won't be cheap plonk that Boris will be serving so if you fancy a drop of health-giving wine with your wholesome dinner, then it will cost extra. As he says himself, each dinner is "strictly home-made from only purest organic, vegan, raw ingredients, if possible shopped at the local farmers markets on the day of the dinner."

So the deal is as simple as it is tempting: a 4-course surprise dinner for 49 Euro, including water and coffee, plus an extra 25 Euro if you want the wine as well. You have to pay in advance via an uberweisung for both the dinner and the wine (if you want it), and Sylvia will then let you know the secret location for the dinner. It will be somewhere in Kreuzberg. Boris has hinted that he may throw in some little extras too for our evening.

Curious? Good. Me too - fortunately, I am very fond of Asian food (which is good as I am still parked here in Malaysia) but sometimes I wish I can get to savour some really interesting food rather than just the same old good tasty food by the bucketload every day! :o)

Anyway, I am sure you really want to try a raw healthy dinner for a change and if so, please do drop Sylvia an email asap. The closing date for bookings is 12 April and once again, the dinner is on Friday, 19 April so please note that date down in your diary now. If you need to know a little more, Boris' website is on http://www.balive.org/

See you all soon!

Chris (on behalf of Sylvia)

How it went on the night...

This is probably one of the most unusual dinners that we have ever done, even more unusual that my Thai green curry, which is of course, a totally different story anyway. We all popped into Boris' nice apartment on time and found that Boris is truly a raw gourmet cook and for him, raw means RAW, pronounced with a capital F. Everything was vegan (also pronounced with F) and it was a really healthy menu which needed all sorts of drying and fermentation as preparation - it took Boris 2 days to create the menu for the evening. The food was very nicely presented with lots of unusual flavours and was definitely something to be tried at least once in your lifetime.

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