A Buddha Dinner on Sat 30 April 2011

Lots of people think that Buddhism is a religion but most certainly it is not one. Buddhism is a philosophy which instills a love for all forms of life, even ants and other insect pests. I have known Buddhists who won't even smack mosquitoes sucking blood from their faces so I had to do it for them, for which I get in return usually a frown of concern for the lost life of an insect followed by a small smile of thanks as those mosquitoes tend to be darn itchy. They also never question why I would smack a complete stranger in the face, such is their gratitude usually. It's not too easy being a Buddhist, I guess, and they need all the help they can get.

Anyway, for this month's dinner, we will sampling food at a restaurant that names itself after Buddha but is not necessarily a strict adherent to the teachings of the man himself. I gathered this from the various dishes of lamb, chicken and fish on the menu and I think that one can safely assume that these creatures did not commit suicide so as to make sure they get on the menu at this place. But, maybe I am wrong. There is only one way to find out, I guess, and the best way is to come along for our April dinner at the Buddha Republic on Knesebeckstr. 88. If anyone wants to check the place out, the website is http://www.buddha-republic.com/

So if you wish to see what Buddha himself might have eaten (if he wasn't such a totally implacable vegetarian), then please drop me an email asap. It is not a big restaurant so please be quick and also note that the closing date for this dinner is Thurs 21 April and all the people who make it to the list will be informed by 25 April. Once again, the dinner is planned for Sat, 30 April 2011.

Some people (but probably not everyone) would be mildly saddened to know that I myself cannot attend this dinner due to commitments elsewhere but fear not, for the dinner will be hosted by Sylvia who knows how to handle such dinners with casual aplomb, and probably better than me anyway.

See you all soon!


How it went on the night...

We met up at the Schwarze Cafe (a bar cafe that has been around for years) before we strolled over to this quite stylish Indian restaurant. The table has been nicely decorated for us and we got for free some papadam with two different nice sauces, one of it quite spicy. Most of us ordered a starter and a main dish. I had some really nice garlic tandoori naan that has been freshly made in their own special tandoori oven. For the main dish I have choosen some chicken with spinach and ginger. Okay but I think my chicken could have been juicier and spicier, especially that I have ordered it spicy. Also Gitte complained a bit that her food was not spicy even though it was marked as spicy (chicken vindaloo) on the menu. Best and most interesting looking are their Tandoori specials, that came on huge skewers. Overall it was quite a tasty evening and we spent a long time chatting away afterwards!

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