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Socio-culinary geopolitical dining on 30th April 2003

Shhhhh. There's a strange rumour going around that the war in Iraq is not about oil at all. It's actually about the cuisine they do in the Middle East. Either George Bush hates it so bad that he wants to stop anyone from trying the stuff or he likes it so much he wants to control access to Middle Eastern food . Now we all know that this has got to be absolute total rubbish but just in case, I thought that we'll just investigate one of the truths behind this war in Iraq. So, if you're interested in socio-culinary geopolitics, then April's dinner is going to be at a Persian restaurant called Tutun in Reinhardtstrasse, near the Friedrichstadtpalast. 

There are a few things you should know about this place beforehand. One is that we'll be dining while sitting on a raised carpeted platform. Sitting, did I say? Well, actually, it will be more like lounging on the floor like a herd of Bedouin camels round a little short raised table. There'll be cushions to flop over and we will all have to take our shoes off, so a dose of foot powder would be nice and considerate before you come for dinner. Please. Another thing to consider is that the chicken dishes at this place are not that good. Really. So I hope that you like lamb or vegetarian food, because those are the only alternatives. Despite the atmosphere, the place is really inexpensive and main courses are less than 12 EUR on average and starters are also pretty cheap. If you want to, hookahs (that's tobacco water pipes to those that have the wrong idea) are also available but I wouldn't recommend them. 

Another thing to note is that I'll be away from work, Berlin and email systems until the 25-26 April, so I cannot send the dinner confirmation emails out until then. But the place is big and it can fit 20 people if necessary so it's not a problem if lots of people want to come along. So just send me an email and don't worry about the silence from me for a while because you'll be on the list automatically. The dinner is planned for the evening of Wednesday, April 30th, so drop me an email at if you want to know more facts about the Iraq war. Maybe.