Hi, and welcome!

You know, although we all like fine food, in the end, the Berlin Dinner Club is not only about food. Good food is important, but so is great company and a fun evening out for everyone. Sometimes, that is even more important than the food as over 60% of diners rate the ambience and their dining companions more important than the menu. So we like to plan and organise events based around food, but not completely centered around the dinner table. As such, we often like to organise dinner events that combine other interests, such as fine wines, theatre, cinemas, ten-pin bowling, classical music, all sorts of dancing; in short, anything that sounds interesting, different and generally fun to do. That is, assuming that people have the stamina and can still move after the dinner.

So, come along and join us if you live in Berlin, Germany, and can meet some simple criteria. We are still in the process of inaugurating the club at the moment and would appreciate your views and comments. At present, the extremely tough joining criteria are:

And, er, that's it. And the criteria above is not necessarily in order of importance either, although we would appreciate a medical certificate certifying that you have no psychotic tendencies.

If you want to join us, please do check out the gallery to see what we have done in the past and if you still feel that you must sign up, then email me anytime and we'll include you in our mailing list. My email address is sylvia@berlindinnerclub.com. There is no joining fee at present, and none planned for the foreseeable future as I am a shy kind of guy and charging money bothers me. We have contacts in the catering business and can look out for special deals on wines, cultural events, concerts, trips, clubs, etc. Lots of restaurants also now give us special discounts or offers when we visit them for dinners, and this benefit makes it a little more economical for everyone in the club. Sometimes, we even get sponsors for our wines and food, which means that we can have a great night out for only a very few Euros!

We can also organise interesting private events for nice people and companies, who want to do something different and do not want the hassle of making all the arrangements. Just let us know your requirements if you want us to help out with your own private or corporate events. We'll help you but only if we think you are a nice person.

 Sylvia (and Chris, sometimes)